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Minnesota High School Boys Hockey | Wednesday, December 26th

AJ Wesloh (11) - Princeton 4g, 2a
Zach Glienke (12) - Eagan 4g, 1a
Dan Muench (12) - Princeton 3g, 3a
Travis Koepke (12) - Hermantown 3g, 2a
Daniel Voce (12) - Princeton 3g, 2a
Billy Brandecker (11) - So. St. Paul 3g
Collin Buness (11) - Princeton 2g, 4a
Reed Pfannenstein (12) - River Lakes 1g, 4a
Henry Johnson (11) - Breck School 30-sv SO
Ryan Breon (12) - Orono 19-sv SO
Elliott Brookins (11) - Sartell-SS 19-sv SO
Aaron Furlano (9) - Sprng Lk Prk 19-sv SO
George McLeod (10) - Cretin-DH 15-sv SO
David Zevnik (12) - St. Thomas Ac 37svs, 1ga
John Dugas (12) - Hill-Murray 36svs, 1ga
Nick Anderson (12) - Burnsville 31svs, 1ga
Brandon Smith (11) - Mounds View 35svs, 2ga
Tyler Schumacher (12) -Lkvll South 31svs, 2ga
Zach Larson (12) - Roseville Area 31svs, 3ga
  The goal is to post all 155 teams!  I think I have about 21 or 22 so far.
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Granite City ClassicFirst Round
St. Cloud Tech 8, Sauk Rapids-Rice 3
SCT: Matt Brettingen 2g, 1a, Joey Mendel 2g, 1a, Braden Altena 2g
SCT: Tanner Skaja 1ppg, 3a, Brody Davidson 1g
SCT: Austin Althaus 22 saves
SRR: James Geisler 1g, Brandon Duray 1g, Ryan Rutar 1g
SRR: Justin Thorson 30 saves
GWG: Matt Brettingen 3rd period 2:15

St. Cloud Cathedral 6, St. Cloud Apollo 2
SCC: Tommy Hall 2shg, Peter Thibault 2g
SCC: Austin Swingle 1ppg, 1a, William Hammer 1g
SCC: Connor Amundson 22 saves
SCA: Jared Christen 1shg, 1a, Jason Omann 1g
SCA: Nick Althaus 28 saves
GWG: Peter Thibault 1st period 16:20
River Lakes TournamentQuarterfinals
River Lakes 8, Morris/Benson Area 4
RL: Eric Zimmer 2g (1ppg), 1a, Dylan Jude 2g, Reed Pfannenstein 1g, 4a
RL: Nick Bergeson 1g, 3a, Jake Herges 1g, 1a, Stefan Tomovic 1g
RL: Trevor Meed 23 saves
MBA: Mac Beyer 1ppg, 1a, Brody Gimberlin 1g, 1a
MBA: Corey Goff 1g, Tanner Picht 1g
MBA: Kyle Kennedy 25 saves
GWG: Eric Zimmer 2nd period 13:06

Princeton 17, Fairmont 1
PRI: AJ Wesloh 4 goals, 2a, Dan Muench Hat Trick (1shg), 3a, Daniel Voce Hat Trick, 2a
PRI: Collin Buness 2g (1shg), 4a, Jake Green 1g, 1a, Tyler Leverty 1g, 1a
PRI: Tommy Schroepfer 1g, 1a, Cam Paulson 1g, Riley Forland 1g
PRI: Max Mattson 6 saves
FAIR: Brock Johnson 1g
FAIR: Derrick Hohensee 40 saves
GWG: Daniel Voce 1st period 3:26

Henry Sibley 8, Mankato East/Loyola 0

Sartell-St. Stephen 8, Oahe (SD) 0
SSS: Aaron Randall 2g (1ppg), 1a, Matthew Ringhand 2g, Spencer Zwiener 2g
SSS: Isaac Linstrom 1ppg, Bret Thompson 1g, Tyler Minkel 3a
SSS: Elliott Brookins 19-saves shutout
OAHE: Kyle Mammenga 34 MIN, 27 on 34 Loss
OAHE: Alex Meagher 17 MIN, 8 on 9 ND
GWG: Spencer Zwiener 1st period 1:43
Schwan Cup | Gold Bracket
Hill-Murray 2, Minnetonka 1
HM: Tyler Funk 1g, Mike Rawlings 1g
HM: John Dugas 36 saves
MIN: AJ Klein 1g
MIN: Paul Ciaccio 18 saves
GWG: Mike Rawlings 3rd period 3:13

Burnsville 3, Blaine 1
BUR: Brock Boeser 2g (1ppg), Nick DiGregorio 1g
BUR: Nic Anderson 31 saves
BLA: Tyler Frischmon 1g
BLA: Bailey Ketola 22 saves
GWG: Brock Boeser 1st period 16:18

Breck School 2, Duluth East 0
BRE: Thomas Lindstrom 1g, Mark Sharp 1g
BRE: Henry Johnson 30-save shutout
DE: Dylan Parker 15 saves
GWG: Thomas Lindstrom 1st period 3:22

St. Thomas Academy 2, Edina 1 OT
STA: Henry Hart 1g, Tom Novak 1g
STA: David Zevnik 37 saves
EDI: Andy Jordahl 1g
EDI: Willie Benjamin 18 save
GWG: Tom Novak Overtime 3:33
Schwan Cup | Silver Bracket
Prior Lake 8, Apple Valley 1
PL: Joey Kleven 2g, 1a, Will Reedy 2g (1shg), 1a, Ben Keckeisen 1ppg, 1a
PL: Jack Murphy 1shg, 1a, Blake Busch 1g, Hayden Maxfield 1g
PL: Nick Vidmar 15 saves
AV: Mason Preston 1g
AV: Mac Wartick 37 saves
GWG: Joey Kleven 1st period 10:37

Andover 3, Stillwater Area 2
AND: Calvin Rak 1g, Jared McComber 1g, Brady Barthold 1g
AND: Chase Perry 19 saves
STI: Nick Anderson 1g, Devin Cates 1g
STI: Colton Anderson 22 saves
GWG: Brady Barthold 3rd period 11:31

Lakeville South 3, Roseville Area 2
LS: Patrick Lauderdale 1g, 1a, Patrick Daly 1g, Justin Doeden 1ppg
LS: Tyler Schumacher 31 saves
ROS: Ryan Larson 1g, 1a, Alex Brausen 1g, 1a
ROS: Zach Larson 31 saves
GWG: Patrick Lauderdale 3rd period 4:10

Centennial 6, Academy of Holy Angels 4
CEN: Hans Gorowsky 2g, Ryner Gorowsky 1g, 2a, Jordan Pitlick 1g, 1a
CEN: Kenny Sinna 1g, Andrew Bertrand 1g
CEN: Patrick Munson 26 saves
AHA: Frankie Mork 2g (1shg), Mario Bianchi 1g, 3a, Tommy Sullivan 1g
AHA: Zach Mains 32 saves
GWG: Hans Gorowsky 3rd period 9:34
Schwan Cup | Bronze Bracket
Orono 1, St. Paul Academy/MPA 0
ORO: Gavin Payne 1shg
ORO: Ryan Breon 19-save shutout
SPA: Nick Anderson 29 saves
GWG: Gavin Payne 1st period 15:18

Cretin-Derham Hall 3, Rogers 0
CDH: Bret Huebner 2g (1ppg), Patrick Cullen 1g
CDH: George McLeod 15-save shutout
ROG: Blake Ternus 22 saves
GWG: Patrick Cullen 3rd period 3:37

Champlin Park 3, Blake School 1
CP: Max Turgeon 1g, 1a, Ryan McNeil 1g, 1a, Luke Dalman 1g
CP: Tyler Nelson 24 saves
BLA: Cade Gleekel 1g
BLA: Jackson Norris 23 saves
GWG: Luke Dalman 2nd period 1:45

Mounds View 5, Forest Lake 2
MV: Jacob Tretsven 2g, Max Knutson 1shg, John Sarafolean 1g, AJ Rupert 1g
MV: Brandon Smith 35 saves
FL: Kyle Parker 2g (1ppg)
FL: Colin Peterson 24 saves
GWG: Max Knutson 1st period 14:09
Schwan Cup | Open Bracket
Minneapolis 3, Hudson (WI) 2
MPLS: Cris Grassel 1g, 2a, Henry Christman 1g, 1a, Peter Hacker 1g
MPLS: TJ Moseley 15 saves
HUD: Parker Shefveland 1g, Jack Cernohous 1g
HUD: Josh Mattis 15 saves
GWG: Henry Christman 3rd period 15:13

Somerset (WI) 3, Luverne 3 TIE (Somerset wins shootout 1-0 to advance)
SOM: Reed Baillargeon 2g, Aaron Moore 1g, Jesse Brown 3a
SOM: Jordan Langness 27 saves
LUV: Skyler Wenninger 1g, Logan Norman 1g, Toby Sengvongxay 1ppg
LUV: Kendall Meyer 18 saves
Note: Reed Kelly scored the only shootout goal for Somerset.  Game is still considered a tie according to the MSHSL since the game was tied after one period of overtime.  Somerset (WI) advances to the semifinals of the winners bracket.

Bloomington Kennedy 5, Marshall 1
BK: Grant Skophammer 1g, 1a, Brad Hinrichs 1g, 1a, Mike McCullen 1g
BK: Sam Schmitz 1g, Tait Carlson 1g
BK: David Johnson 27 saves
MAR: Beau Mikel 1g
MAR: Adam Cavazos 28 saves
GWG: Brad Hinrichs 2nd period 0:38

Spring Lake Park 3, Winona 0
SLP: Austen Long 2g (1shg), 1a,  Deven Sunell 1g
SLP: Aaron Furlano 19-save shutout
WIN: Andrew Yeske 29 saves
GWG: Deven Sunell 1st period 3:41
South St. Paul Premier TournamentQuarterfinals
Hastings 4, Woodbury 1
HAS: Bailey Siewert 1g, 2a, Zach Mellick 1g, 1a
HAS: Blake Berg 1ppg, 1a, Andrew Bussey 1g
HAS: Matt Radke 22 saves
WBY: Evan Roepke 1g
WBY: Evan Broadbent 24 saves
GWG: Andrew Bussey 2nd period 7:15

Hermantown 10, Anoka 1
HER: Travis Koepke Hat Trick, 2a, Neal Pionk 2g, 1a
HER: Bo Gronseth 1g, 3a, Chris Benson 1g, 3a
HER: Ryan Kero 1g, 1a, Ryan Carlson 1g, 1a, Joe Muehlbauer 1g
HER: Jace Thomas 22 saves
ANO: Michael Lehn 1ppg
ANO: Robbie Goor 31 saves
GWG: Ryan Kero 1st period 7:35

Eagan 9, North St. Paul 0
EAG: Zach Glienke 4 goals (1shg, 1ppg), 1a, Jesse Gabrielle 2g
EAG: Jack Jenson 1g, 2a, Tommy Muck 1g, 2a, Nick Gray 1g
EAG: Andrew Lindgren 34 MIN, 8 on 8 Win
EAG: Matt Richmond 17 MIN, 1 on 1 ND
NSP: Mario Bollmann 34 MIN, 32 on 40 Loss
NSP: Steve Orme 17 MIN, 9 on 10 ND
GWG: Jack Jenson 1st period 10:09

New Prague 5, South St. Paul 4
NP: Kain Wagner 1g, 1a, Cody Meyer 1g, 1a, Seth Kriha 1g
NP: Cody Shimota 1shg, Nick Sampson 1g
NP: Evan Bisek 25 saves
SSP: Billy Brandecker Hat Trick (1ppg), Alec Miller 1g
SSP: Grant Amelse 27 saves
GWG: Nick Sampson 3rd period 1:21
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